Late night update

Right now we have a light storm here in Helsingborg, thats called Sven. You may have already read about the storm on the web or on social media, my boyfriend & I have secured the balcony, our flowers, Christmas lights is anchored. Checking out the window and the Christmas tree standing in our yard swings 1-2m in each direction, it is by the way, about 5m high. You can read online how trees and roofs flying around on the roads out there. This afternoon, when the storm started, so my boyfriend came home early from work. Tonight I will sleep with earplugs, which I do not mind, others may. Tomorrow we may have snow? I do hope that we will get some snow. 
I did read this evening that Nelson Mandela has passed away, what a great person.. role model and man, he has really lived his life, he became 95y. May he rest in peace. 
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